Earn Big Cash Online with the GramFree Crypto Project During COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020.

Right now during the COVID-19 Pandemic, with the stay-at-home orders and lockdowns all over the world people are trying to figure out where or how they can make extra money to take care of their families.

There is a very popular project called GramFree that is a Cryptocurrency made by the popular messaging app Telegram. This Crypto is said to transact lightning fast, way faster than Bitcoin or Ethereum and if you get involved now while you still can each withdrawl — when you reach the 500 gram minimum – will get you around $1,000 USD.

Yes I said $1,000. Each Gram is currently going for a little over $2 a piece and with this site you can claim Gram hourly or sign contracts and do other tasks to increase your balance to reach the 500 Gram minimum quicker.

The real trick here is that you have to stay active on the site and keep claiming, keep watching videos, keep sharing your referral link, and playing the lottery if thats your thing and etc. to get your account to level 2 and higher.

It’s also very important that you read the FAQ and follow the rules of the project to keep from getting your account restricted or banned. For referrals it’s best to only invite very small volumes of new users at a time, around 500-750 every few days and only use your personal social media friends.

If you attempt to use very aggressive SEO tools you will likely find yourself like many others have with your account being banned and unrecoverable and all your Gram and hard work lost.

If you do use such a tool be sure it’s configured to only drip small amounts of clicks at a time to your referral link taking several hour breaks in between each few hundred leads. Do not attempt to push more than 1000 clicks on your referral link a day in a few parts or more than 4-5000 a week broken into several pieces or you will be putting your account in risk of being forcefully closed.

Share your link with as many people as you know, share it on Facebook or twitter, and instruct them to do the same but follow my referral tips as its a requirement of the project if you want to make some serious income as quickly as possible without accidently causing your account to be banned.

Its very important once you sign up you HAVE to be active daily until you reach level 2 which can be accomplished easily in 3-4 days by claiming Gram every hour, signing smart contracts every 24 hours, and watching all the videos then at level 2 your account gets fully activated until you reach the minimum withdraw.

I advise everyone that wants to reach withdrawl level quickly to be sure to try to complete every task the site allows daily. Doing this will help your Gram balance grow much quicker and it doesn’t take much of your time to sign the smart contracts, watch the videos available, and free roll.

You can try the lottery as well but personally I lost more Gram that way that took me longer to reach withdraw so I just do everything except the lottery.

Good luck everyone and stay safe during COVID-19, I hope you all to reach your withdrawl levels just as I have. I just made my 5th withdrawl.

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