Do First

I decided to create this page as my “official” Step 1 as there are a few projects running right now that are huge and I honestly feel like theres plenty of evidence that these may be game changers and I’d like everyone to be able to get a piece of the Pi. Think owning whole Bitcoins before Bitcoin got huge… I think you get my drift.

The first major project you need to get involved with while it’s still in Public beta is Pi. Pi is the first digital currency that you can mine completely on your phone and not have to worry about battery drain. All you need is an invitation from a trusted user, such as me.

After you download the app from either the Google Play or iOS app store use the invitation code “kresser” to be able to join the Pi network. Then just simply check the app once every 24 hours and tap the lightning bolt and then tap mine to continue mining. This is done to weed out bots and other non-human accounts. Do this daily and wait until the project goes live and you could end up with a very nice payday.

The second major thing you should get started with while it’s still early is Bitcoin Black. Bitcoin Black IS a game changer and it’s going to make Bitcoin look like the little red-headed step child of Cryptocurrency. No offense to step children, I’m one myself. 🙂

Just click the Bitcoin Black banner or use your phone to scan the QR code and enter your VALID email address to be a part of the 3600 coin airdrop. Be sure to confirm the email you receive to get your free coins once the airdrop launches.

Bitcoin Black fixes all the problems that came with Bitcoin and was built with the technology and vision that can literally change the lives of those getting involved so I urge you to claim your free 3,600 coins while the airdrop is active.

If you want to take it a step further and help spread the word about Bitcoin Black you can earn incentives from your referrals by signing up for Bitcoin Black Rewards as well as potentially earn up to 180 million coins just by spreading the word. Yes, I said 180 million.

Crypto for Life