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While there is great potential for success and good fortune by harnessing the benefits of cryptocurrency, there is also a good amount of risk if your someone like I was trying to make it big and totally change your life. The number of crooked people out there trying to scam you for your Bitcoin or other crypto is literally unreal.

So I’m first going to give you some tips on things to avoid and look out for, then at the end I’m building a list of for sure scam projects that either I fell victim to myself trying to get somewhere in this world, or that has been verified by other members of the crypto community as a scam and I’m including it in hopes to keep you from feeling the heartache and sadness from losing your entire investment in something.

First things first, by having a Coinpot account as with almost any crypto account you are going to be exposed to a certain level of fraud advertising and I created this section to help my users and any others know what to avoid and ways to discern scam sites from real sites.

The number 1 thing your going to see in Coinpot banners is sites claiming to double or triple your Bitcoins in so many hours or days or give you 1600% return for 7 days or some other bullcrap and 99.99% of those websites are scams and as soon as you send them some crypto they will be laughing all the way to the bank. Those sites are not affiliated with Coinpot in any way, they just show up there by purchasing advertising space from who Coinpot sells their ad space to.

Here are some banner examples below on what to avoid like the plague.

In the above examples, HourATM for example claims they made 80 million in profits last year, but, you will not find a phone number anywhere on the website and the email and contact forms are not monitored and they will NOT respond because they are too busy spending the Bitcoin and other Crypto that came from hard working honest individuals trying the get an edge up on life. If they made 80 million last year, they would have a phone number that works and a legitimate sales line.

There are some newer scams claiming to show you how to make $100 to $300 a day and to anyone with securities trading experience this process will make sense and seem legit, all except the step where you send your Bitcoin to convert it to Ethereum. That step is a scam site used to collect your Bitcoin and there are at least dozens of these type sites that I’ve seen.

They always put Changelly in the process instructions to change your Ethereum you never get back into Bitcoin to make a profit on the change. Changelly is an extremely reputable crypto changer and I can highly recommend them for either buying crypto or converting one crypto to another. Just beware of any site showing you a process where you change BTC to ETH then back to BTC over and over it’s nothing but a scam.

Remember if it sounds too good to be true, then it likely is…

Stay away from Mining Center, Ltd. I lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars investing in this very well thought out cloud mining scam. I literally had sold a bunch of my belongings back when it happened in order to invest here and even though I had done my homework this scam is so well thought out it even goes into the psychology of how a user verifies trust and etc., stay away from Mining Center, Ltd. unless you want to feel the heartache and disgust I did. I’m so thankful I was able to finally succeed but scam projects are everywhere so always remember if it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is….

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