How to Claim your FREE HEX if you hold Bitcoin and get an extra 10% HEX. Airdrop, Analysis, History, Specs, all you need to know about HEX.

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All you need to know to Claim your FREE HEX?

  • You can claim ANY AMOUNT of Bitcoin, starting from 1 Satoshi.
  • The Bitcoin address you claim from must be in your OWN WALLET. You can not claim from an exchange address. Must own your SEEDPHRASE.
  • You can ONLY claim HEX from a LEGACY or NATIVE SEGWIT Bitcoin Wallet. CAN NOT claim from a MULTISIG Wallet.
  • You need to SIGN A MESSAGE from your Wallet if you want to claim. The wallets that allow message signing are: Electrum, Bitcoin Core, Armory, Ledger, Trezor, Multibit & movile wallets Mycelium and Coinomi.
  • You need an ETHEREUM address to be sent your HEX crypto after claim.
  • If you have your Bitcoin on different wallets or addresses you need to sign a claim message on each BTC address separately. ETH address can be the same.
  • You can ONLY claim the Bitcoin that is on your wallet on the SNAPSHOT date and time. You CAN NOT CLAIM if you SEND AWAY Bitcoin from your wallet before the snapshot or SEND IN Bitcoin to your wallet after the snapshot.
  • IN ORDER TO GET 11.000 HEX PER 1 BITCOIN (instead of the standard 10.000 hex) YOU NEED TO CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW!

What is the MESSAGE I have to SIGN?

The Message to be Signed can change. Currently it is just a short message that includes a few words and your Ethereum address that your HEX Coins will be sent too. It would be best if you SUBSCRIBE to the TWITTER and FACEBOOK channels in order to be UPDATED.

What are the steps to Claim HEX?

  • Follow any good tutorial on Google that explains how to sign messages in detail.
  • Get your MESSAGE SIGNED.
  • Copy and paste message and put the signed message on the claim page by clicking the button below and finish initiating your claim.
  • Wait few days to check your ETHEREUM wallet if your HEX has arrived
  • Remember FREE claimed HEX is 90% auto-stacked for 50 weeks and 10% free to sell or stack to a different time period.
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Hex Analysis and Best Price Prediction for 2020

The platform fundamentals built into Hex is unlike any Crypto ever seen so far. The onboarding process with referrals and the adoption amplifier (AA) will continue to bring new people in and also keep their attention.

Both the referral system and adoption amplifier end in November 2020.

From here, the price should go up as Hex becomes more difficult to obtain, unless a number of stakes end at the same time causing people to sell but with it’s solid foundation it should rebound quickly.

Hex could also go to zero, but going off of it’s current track record since it’s launch I’d advise everyone to get in while they still can because the potential rewards are HUGE. If you haven’t claimed your free Hex yet, you can do so here:

So When is the Hex Snapshot Launch and Airdrop?

  • Well unfortunately you are already late but there is still time so claim while it’s still active.
  • The HEX snapshot was December 2nd at the first Bitcoin block mined after 00:00:00 UTC. 
  • That’s 4pm PST otherwise known as 00:00 UTC on the 2nd of December.
  • You need to have had your Bitcoin in a wallet where you own the private keys at the snapshot.
  • After the snapshot, you can transform your BTC into ETH somewhere for input to the AdoptionAmplifier the next day.
  • This lets you FreeClaim and Transform your value into HEX.
  • There’s also the 20% speed bonus on day 1 FreeClaims!
  • You need to have some ETH in your wallet to be able to FreeClaim with a BTC signature or Transform ETH into HEX.
  • 1 Billion HEX day 1 is up for grabs.
  • Far less every day after.
  • The AdoptionAmplifier transformation lobby opens the day after the snapshot.
  • Claiming, Staking, and HEX coming out of the lobby happens the 2nd day after the snapshot.
  • You must have access to the private keys to your Bitcoin address having a balance at that exact block height to be able to submit a claim after.
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To onboard the 99% of the world that didn’t have BTC at the snapshot, and give referrers the ability to target that larger market.

AdoptionAmplifier allows a copy of the unclaimed HEX, (WeAreAllSatoshi) paid to staker pool for users that send ETH to the contract.

At the end of the day they receive HEX. Their % of that day’s ETH gets that % of that day’s HEX unclaimed coins from the day beforeThe more people that claim, the fewer coins are available through the AdoptionAmplifier.

This has the added benefit of a visible ETH/HEX ratio daily, where the supply of HEX available gets lower and lower, if static or increasing demand, the ratio should go up.

That increasing ratio may act as a mental anchor for traders and exchanges. Being able to onboard users without middlemen is extremely awesome. More on ramps = more adoption. It’s better to have ETH to sell on exchange than need to sell HEX.

Free Claims

Auto-Stake 90% user can choose from 350 days to longer for more bonuses. Emergency-end stake available at 350d.


10% to bonus to referee (increases referrer pay too) You can refer people to the AdoptionAmplifier transform system which turns ETH into HEX.

Project Summary

First Blockchain CD (Certificate of Desposit).

Be early (20%), Referrer(20%), or Referred(10%).

Stake longer or larger (up to 310% shares).

Free for first 50 weeks if you hold BTC at snapshot.

Unclaimed coins paid to stakers week 50.

The % claimed coins and addresses both increase pay by the % .

Copy of unclaimed HEX available daily: Send ETH to contract, your % ETH by end of day = your % HEX.

Origin gets copy of bonuses. Base claims, interest, and adoption amplifier aren’t bonuses therefore it gets no copy from them.

Free claims are autostaked 90% min 50 weeks.

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